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The reality of nursing staff hours per resident per day

Sam Perlin

The reality of nursing staff hours per resident per day

I think this should be interesting to those who use Nursing Home Compare to check out how efficient or caring a nursing home is.  Since the certified nurse attendants (CNA) do almost all the resident care, it is important to know how much time they devote to each resident. The numbers shown in the "Compare" really have no relation to time spent; another fraudulent perception for the public to feel good.



The Medicare.gov site makes  the following statement. above the staffing minutes / hours..."Nursing  Staff Hours Per Resident Per Day, is the average daily hours worked by the  nurses or nursing assistants divided by total number of residents. The amount of care given to each resident varies."

As this has been explained to me.

This data is self reported by the facility.

The hours are  totaled over two weeks. by position (RN, LPN or LVN, and CNA) for the TOTAL  hours on the clock. then divide by 14 (for an average daily total). now  divide those averages. by the average number of residents in the facility during that period.

For example.

2 RN's each worked 40 hours per  week. for two weeks totals 160 hours or 9600 minutes

Now divide 9600  minutes by 14 days. for an average of 685.71 minutes per day.

Now divide  the 685.71 minutes by the number of residents, say 100 residents in this  example.

Gives us an average of 6.86 minutes per resident per  day.

The same can be applied to the LPN / LVN and CNA  categories.

Then total the RN and LPN / LVN averages for the total  Licensed Nursing Hours.

Please note.

Time for breaks and  meals. as long as the staff is paid for that time. Is also calculated as part  of the time "worked."

As we can all see. with breaks, smoking breaks,  paid mealtimes, paperwork, chit-chat, sex, drugs, and naps. The amount of  time actually spent with residents further diminishes.

Oh. and if any  advocate wants to dispute the smoking breaks (usually more than two per shift  and more than 10 minutes at that). along with chit-chat, sex, drugs and naps.  that advocate just hasn't been in the game long enough.

And that's if you  "trust" the facility that is reporting the staffing hours.

In any case, I  hope this was helpful to some extent.

As for Beechnut Manor in Houston.  the average CNA hours is now 91 minutes per resident / per day. That's just  over 30 minutes per shift. again not counting breaks, sex, chit-chat, etc.  With three meals, 64 ounces of water, hygiene, toileting, dressing and  undressing, etc. 30 minutes just does not seem to go very far.

In the  meantime.
Good luck to all!

Wes Bledsoe  Wes@APerfectCause.org,

All material copyrighted 2010 - Sam Perlin