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Response to Ron Paul

Sam Perlin

Response to Ron Paul

The Coastal Bend Herald, Thursday June 24, 2010.
Letters To The Editor 

Dear Editor,
Ron Paul's column "Why Governments Hate Gold” makes
no sense. All his columns are "borrow and spend." Never
a solution for the deficiencies in society.
His "free market" ignores the meltdown, corruption, the
growing of the haves to the detriment of the have not's.
The war was to benefit the free market believers, the
haves. The have not's are getting killed. The Virginia
mine disaster, the present oil disaster is all due to lack of
oversight, the free market at work.
The young generation will suffer for lack of jobs so
many will turn to suicide or crime, Criminals go to prisons
which are not cheap.  Suicides devastate children and families.
Let's start first by using the army as national guards to build
Instead of destroy.  Let’s talk about making life enjoyable
Instead of a constant rat race.
It's true other countries are having money problems.
But many got suckered in by Wall Street's corrupt
investment deals. But other countries are way ahead of
the U.S. in every aspect of better living. We brag about
freedom we enjoy but if nobody listens because the
haves bought our politicians the freedom is an illusion.
Sam Perlin

All material copyrighted 2010 - Sam Perlin