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Welcome to the facility!

Carolyn Mounce

Welcome to the facility!

Pleasant Meadows Rest and Rehabilitation Home
(not an actual facility)

Hello!  I am the social worker here and would like to personally welcome you to Pleasant Meadows.  We want you to feel right at home here in our state of the art facility.  We have just completed carpeting and painting the entire building.  We are very proud of our new medication dispensing system ensures that your medications are dispensed accurately.  How can I make you feel more at home?


I would like to call my son.


It is very nice that you want to speak with your son.  The phone is in the lobby.  You may have seen it when you were brought in.  There is a staff meeting going on in the lobby right now so you will have to wait a while.  Is there anything else I can help you with?


I missed breakfast this morning, can I have a snack?


The kitchen staff is getting ready for lunch right now and will not be able to make a special meal.  However, you will have a full meal in just 2 ?hours. 


How about something to drink?


Certainly, the hydration cart is just down the hall and an aid should be here in about 20 minutes.  The cart has cold water and thickened liquids.  How are you feeling?


This diaper is wet.  Can I get a change? 


I would love to help you, but you aren’t due for a change until 11:45.  We have a special diaper here that will allow you to empty your bladder twice between changes!  Isn’t that just incredible?


Is there a private area where I can go to read, write, or just be alone?


Of course!  We have a beautifully appointed lobby at the front of the building.  There is a staff meeting going on there now, but it is available during the day for residents to use.


What is that on the floor?


Oh my goodness, that is your call button.  I’m so sorry, let me just lay this next to your pillow.  You just push this little button here and it will turn on a call light at the nurse’s station.  An aide will come to your room within 5 minutes!  We pride ourselves on our quick response to call lights.


I have difficulty moving my fingers and cannot grasp that tiny button.


I’m certain that one of the nurses can help you with that later.  Is there anything else I can do to make you more comfortable?


Why do I have to have a roommate?


Medicare will not pay for a private room and your family cannot afford the extra costs for a private room.  We try to match roommates so that you will have a new friend.  Mrs. Jones has been a resident here for many years.  She is in a Hospice program right now. 


Then could you please turn down the air conditioner?


It certainly does feel a little chilly in here, but Mrs. Jones likes it at this temperature.  It is our policy that the roommate with the most tenure gets to choose the settings on the a/c.


Then could you please pull that little curtain closed?


Closing the curtain will just make it colder for you.  With the curtain open, it makes the room look larger and you get a better view of the television.


This space is so small.  Where can my son sit when he comes to visit?


That is so simple.  Just let us know at least a day ahead of time when he will be coming, and we will have you out of bed, dressed, and in our beautifully appointed lobby where the staff is meeting.


It is 10:00 am and I need to take my medications.  The doctor says I need to take it no later than 10:30 every day.


I’m certain that the nurse knows about your medications.  The state regulations allow us to dispense medications up to two hours prior and 2 hours after the prescribed time.  The medication aid has already passed for this morning so it will probably be noon before you get your medication.


Oh my, is that a tear?  We try so hard to make this just like home for you.


Comments?  Email me at carolyn@ombuddies.org